Portrait of Anne Nguyen by Thomas Hahn – Tanz (December 2010)

She has a university background, writes poems, publishes theoretical articles on hip-hop and runs the dance section of hip-hop magazine Graff it !. Brainy? Not exactly. Simply balanced. Anne Nguyen has won the “Battle Of The Year” several times, has been a breakdance world champion. Her choreographic experience came from working with Black Blanc Beur, Rêvolution, as well as with Faustin Linyekula and Salia nï Seydou. With her own creations, Anne Nguyen proves how women can skilfully alter this mostly masculine domain. She gives a brand new face to powermoves –with a method that has very masculine connotations, dismantling series of moves and reconstructing them. Circles are turned into linear courses, right angles and interrupted trajectories. Thus is created a lively modular system, a blend of breakdance and contact dance which dissolves the body’s natural order, like in Pablo Picasso. Anne Nguyen applies the principle to legworks. Paradoxically, with her, it looks natural.

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