Makabongwe Nzuza known as Dj Bigger is a self-taught international Gqom Dj who started off in humble beginnings as a leader of isicathamiya group in his homeground, Kwa-Mashu, Durban.

Fueled by his teenage rhythm oriented years from local taxis to the neighborhood parties banging heavy, raw gqom sounds- an ignition to a higher perspective of his vision, Bigger set his mind to invest and pursue a career in his passion.

In 2006 he started playing in private functions then gradually moved into clubs. 2010 marks the birth of the brand, Dj Bigger. His late mentor, Dj Deep is his inspiration and the stepping stone to his career. He has worked with a number of local Djs such as Dj Kaybee, Ayo and Tropika just to name a few and looks up to Dj Tira, Sox and Bongs for their contribution in the Durban sound and dance culture.

Dj Bigger describes music as a tool that provokes happy feelings free of charge. Gqom is euphoric, a universal language that is contagious. He is currently touring Europe with a duo know as FAKA banging European dance floors. He has also mesmerized the United Kingdom at the Red Bull Music Experience in 2017.Dj Bigger is an ambassador of the Gqom sound and culture overseas and hopes to inspire the South African youth to stay true to the authenticity of the unique African sound as it is embraced and desired by many. For Bigger this is just a beginning and he is a rocket flying towards Gqom mars!

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