Born in 1982, saxophonist Emile Parisien is one of France’s most important jazz protagonists. A jazz visionary with one foot in the past, but looking directly forward. This makes him the “best news for European jazz in a long time” (Le Monde), who should be afforded “undivided attention” (NDR). Parisien’s musical coordinates are broadly defined, from the folkloric tradition of his homeland they lead via the composition strategies of new music to the melodic and harmonious abstraction of free jazz. The special quality of this broad musical field lies in the implicitness that it is sounded out with. Nothing is calculated or forced with Parisien. Instead the features of the genre flow entirely relaxed, nimbly and without conceptual protection into one another in his music. Awards were not long in coming: Parisien was accoladed as artist of the year with France’s two most important jazz awards, the “Prix Django Reinhardt 2012” and the “Victoires du Jazz 2014”. In Germany he received the ECHO Jazz 2015 in the “Best International Ensemble” category for the thrilling duo with his musical alter ego and close friend, accordionist Vincent Peirani. The celebrated album, “Sfumato live in Marciac”, appeared in 2018 on ACT – with jazz greats Wynton Marsalis, Joachim Kühn and Michel Portal, among others. Emile Parisien will release his new quartet album “Double Screening” in 2019.

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