The French philosopher was house philosopher at the Leipziger Theater, and once organised a series of discussions in the Red Salon of the Volksbühne and developed the philosophical consultation hour format. Paoli will hold a special form of his consultation hour in the Hall 1 Lounge, where he will focus his rather special perspective on the Bauhaus.

Guillaume Paoli (*1959) is a German-writing French author and philosopher. He has lived in Berlin since 1992.

At the end of the 1990s Paoli achieved a certain level of recognition as a theorist of the “Glückliche Arbeitslose” (Happy Unemployed) and co-editor of the magazine, “müßiggangster”. In 2003 he joined the ranks of the self-employed as a demotivation trainer.

From 2008 to 2013 he worked at Leipzig’s Centraltheater as “national and perhaps first international house philosopher”. He was head here of the “Prüfgesellschaft für Sinn und Zweck” and ran an enthusiastically attended “philosophical practice”. Today he is a freelance publicist and speaker.

His writings address the topics of the laziness theory, anti-economics, anthropology, social history, bee research, liberalism criticism, architecture, theatre and reconstruction.

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