Horst Konietzny is a director, author, lecturer and curator focussing on interdisciplinary projects.
Staging and direction work at municipal theatres and on the independent scene in the fringe areas of music, performing art and theatre. Numerous documentary theatre productions (at the Thalia Theater Hamburg and State Theatre Nuremberg, among others).

Shift of emphasis towards independent art and media since the 90s. Implementation of art projects in the public sphere. Works on the cultural urban development theme. Culture of memory; media art in the public sphere. Teaching and project development in the the subject area of interactive, mobile media and the development of forms of interactive dramaturgy.

A further work focus resulted from the development of an audio guide on the topic of National Socialism in Munich and the “Voices” audio guide for the Jewish Museum in Munich; further sound installations followed, as did a series of documentary radio features for BR and NDR.

He’s held the reins since 2012 with the modular and mobile SIGNALRAUM as an interdisciplinary project for sound art and new media. In concerts, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, sessions and performances, modern developments in the area of interdisciplinary, advanced media art forms are presented and own formats are developed. As a continuing project UNIKATE (UNICA) is constantly undergoing variations, its feature for Bayerischer Rundfunk, for example.   Or more recently the “Konzert für Kicker und Ensemble” at the Jewish Museum in Munich.

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