László Moholy-Nagy


According to Moholy­-Nagy, the lighting device is supposed to demonstrate both the play of light and the manifestations of movement. The model consists of a cube­like body or box with a circular opening (stage opening) at its front side. On the back of the panel, mounted around the opening are a number of yellow, green, blue, red, and white­toned electric bulbs. Located inside the body, parallel to its front side, is a second panel; this panel too, bears a circular opening about which are mounted electric lightbulbs of different colors. In accordance with a predetermined plan, individual bulbs glow at different points. They illuminate a continually moving mechanism built of partly translucent, partly transparent, and partly fretted materials, in order to cause the best possible play of shadow formations on the back wall of the closed box. The mech­anism is supported by a circular platform on which a three­part mechanism is built.

Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
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