Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch (Milan, 1973) is a composer.

He graduated in architecture (Italy) and composition (France) and after living in Spain for a while, he moved to Paris where he now lives and works.

He composed music for albums, installations, theatre, videos and performances.

He received commissions from, among others: Biennale di Venezia, Opera of Gothenburg, RuhrTriennale, Ircam-Centre Pompidou, Festival Avignon, Roma Europa, Opera of Saarbruken, Palais de Tokyo..… He performed worldwide (Europe, Japan, Indonesia, USA…)

His interests span from instrumental composition with real time electronic (mixed music/MAX-MSP-jitter), to audio and video installations to soundtracks and compositions for theater and dance, stemming from a formally strict process of experimentation by using electronic implemented improvisation. 

All this is created as a means of creation of new electro-acoustic sounds.

Space has a particular importance in his work. The majority of the recent works are multichannel or Binaural spatialized.


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