Focusing on the potential of listening to establish new connections between people, places and objects, Matteo Marangoni’s performances and installations employ field recordings, sound archives, computer programming and DIY electronics. Finding new and unconventional uses for audio technologies and other media, his work investigates the relationship between sound, space and the body, approaching the body of the listener through physical experiences that collapse and reshape the space between the loudspeaker and the audience. He obtained his masters diploma from the ArtScience interfaculty in The Hague, where he initiated a research trajectory on mobile robotic loudspeakers. He is a founding member of Stichting ArtScience in The Hague, of the artist collective SoundKino in Florence and contributes regularly to Neural magazine.

His work has been presented amongst others at Stroom Den Haag, TodayArt festival, Volkspaleis, Dag in de Branding (The Hague), STEIM, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, W139 (Amsterdam), Ethonologisches Museum (Berlin), November Music (Den Bosch), STUK (Leuven), NAISA (Toronto), CentroCentro (Madrid), European Media Art Festival (Osnabruck), Centrale Fies (Dro), Triennale di Milano (Milan), Fabbrica Europa (Florence), Q-02 (Brussels) and Goldsmith’s University (London). His installation “Quiet Before the Storm” received an honorary mention at the Sonic Arts Award 2014. He curates the nomadic performance program “No Patent Pending” and co-curated the Wonderwerp series at Studio Loos in the 2014/2015 season. He has curated the exhibitions “Taming Technology” (Le Murate, Florence, 2011) and “Eavesdropping” (VillaK, The Hague, 2011). He is a regular contributor to Neural magazine.


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