Scarcely any personality of 21st century hip-hop has thematized queerness as much as Mykki Blanco. Just a few years ago the genre was still considered the realm of heterosexual, male perspectives – so Mykki Blanco truly has succeeded in turning the presages upside down and inside out. With explicit texts, ground-breaking sounds, not to mention radical drag performances, Blanco has established recognition within and without the scene, including a collaboration with controversial pop icon Kanye West.

The phenomenon that is Mykki Blanco is not done justice, however, if we do not recognise the total work of art, which essentially creates the art figure in the form of concerts, films, music videos, performances and fashion shows. Blanco is a kind of ambassador for alternative life plans and social utopias, who scrutinises the traditional categories of gender and race in the most radical way possible. Blanco is designing a truly unique show for 100 jahre bauhaus. Das Eröffnungsfestival: He’s writing a new song especially for it, which reflects the Bauhaus as the art movement it is, and for the first time presents new pieces from his album to be released in 2019!

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