Jan Tichy

Installation no. 30 (Lucia)

“Installation No. 30 (Lucia)” is inspired by the life and work of László Moholy-Nagy and the photographer Lucia Moholy, his first wife. The artistic-experimental practices of the two Moholys at the Bauhaus in Dessau, their flight to London and in László’s case the journey to the USA and Chicago, connect with Jan Tichy’s experiences in Germany in summer 2016, when large numbers of fleeing migrants reached Germany, to form an impressive space installation.

The contours of the Bauhaus-Meisterhäuser in Dessau are discernible at the centre of a fragile construction of glass plates leaning on and supporting one another. Lit and staged by a beamer that follows a computer-controlled light direction, Moholy-Nagys “City of Glass” from 1936 wanders as a shadow play across the walls of the exhibition space. At the same time the installation also reminds us of Lucia’s photographs from the Dessau days, which have so decisively shaped our view of the Bauhaus. When they left Germany in 1933 they had to leave behind all their negatives on glass plates as 18 x 24 cm and 9 x 12 cm formats. 330 of their glass plate negatives are considered lost, which is why Jan Tichy’s installation works with so many glass plates in these very formats.

Although they now show only the odd trace of the artist, they potentially carry all conceivable images within them. The singular fate of Lucia Moholy is therefore representative of the nameless fates of the people that to this very day flee war, violence and persecution and must give up the entire life they’ve led, to begin again in a strange place with no more than their life laid bare.

With the friendly support of Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin.

Galerie Kornfeld
Jan Tichy: Installation no. 30: Lucia. Courtesy of Galerie Kornfeld
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