Tim Otto Roth

Sun on Stage

Flat geometrical figures wander in a panorama projection over the 13-meter-wide end wall of hall 3. The observer only sees an extremely subtle spatial interplay when the 3D glasses go on. The formal, flat objects appear to float in front of the projection area, squares not only grow bigger and smaller, but rather also change their depth distance to one another. This play with geometrical figures both reminds us of the rhythm films of Hans Richter from the 1920s and conjures up allusions to Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack’s Farblichtspiel, Oskar Schlemmer’s Schattenspiele and Moholy-Nagy’s Lichtrequisit for electronic stage (later also known as “Light-Space-Modulator”).

The shadow-morphic space play developed by the conceptual artist and shadow researcher Tim Otto Roth therefore focuses on stimuli of Bauhaus aesthetics, but also develops a new dimension in the play with the geometric shapes. Of course as Sun on Stage is not satisfied with the two-dimensional state of shadows, it makes the inherent space arrived at in the shadow tangible as a three-dimensional figure with the double projection with red and blue light.

With the aid of computer animation Roth even drives the play further into higher dimensional spaces. The series of projected geometrical bodies also includes four-dimensional bodies, such as the hypercube, which Theo van Doesburg also worked on back in the day. On a spatial level the dimension of time is also condensed by composing entire motion sequences into shadow figures.

Sun on Stage campaigns for a shadow type, which with all the euphoria for artificial light, as it also dominated at the Bauhaus, is visibly pushed into the background in the modern times we live in – the natural light of the sun. The artwork here fascinatingly shows us how shadows are ever-changing, depending on the angle from which the sun shines.

A production commissioned by 100 jahre bauhaus. Das Eröffnungsfestival. With Tim Otto Roth; special thanks to Peter Weibel, ZKM, Karlsruhe.

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