2019 is the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, and it will be celebrated both in Germany and around the world with exhibitions, festivals, research projects and symposia. The international opening festival in Berlin from 16 to 24 January concentrates on the presentation and production of pieces by contemporary artists, in which the aesthetic issues and experimental configurations of the Bauhaus artists continue to be inspiringly contagious. The Bauhaus and the Bauhaus Theatre were the place where the adventure of thinking ahead of one’s time, the opportunity of experimenting – and running the risk of failing – was lived out. And this during a time when the shock of the First World War was still fresh and deep, violent confrontations between right and left dominated public life, and in which the concept of an internationally created departure towards modernity had to be asserted against a growing backward-thinking, nationalistic and, ultimately, fascist art concept.

Seeing the stage as a workshop and research lab, as an international and inter-disciplinary meeting place, knowledge transfer, play and regeneration space and as a socio-political forum, as conceived by Oskar Schlemmer, Kurt Schmidt, Vassily Kandinsky, Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee, László Moholy-Nagy and others each in their own different ways, is absolutely normal nowadays. Genre boundaries have fallen; digital media, the latest technology, discussion and science have marched into post-dramatic theatre. The festival has set itself the goal of demonstrating how today’s artists sound out the potential of interdisciplinary work, how they question the function of the performative act, and aesthetically use the interaction and counterposing of text and language, the interplay of space and light, movement, music, body and architecture (theatre) by way of example at exposed artistic positions. Three reconstructions of outstanding Bauhaus productions set the historical reference point at the conclusion of the festival.

Bettina Wagner-Bergelt
Künstlerische Leiterin

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