Goran Vejvoda

Multi-media artist, born in London in 1956, studied music in Belgrade before becoming a figure of the rock scene in former Yugoslavia. Interested in Brian Eno, in 1986, he edited a book on his work, «Zaobilazne Strategije/Oblique Strategies». «A Square of Silence» published in 2008 in Milan by Emanuele Carcano, retraces thirty years of his various artistic sound involvements.

Goran Vejvoda developed an idiosyncratic body of work from concerts, exhibits, installations, lectures, records, videos, photographs, radio pieces... With his, variable geometry approach group: «BackGround», he made inter-disciplinary performances at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, at the Grand Palais, the INA-GRM/Festival, Fondazione Morra in Naples or at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. In 2004, he participated in the exhibit «Off the record/Sound», being held at the Modern Art Museum in Paris. This exhibition gave access to the public, to hear compilations of contemporary music and sound creations.

He diversified his work composing for documentaries, feature films, commercials, short films, fashion shows, the theater and exhibitions. He has collaborated with various artists: Victoria Vesna, Tom Shannon, Jon Hassell, Kimiko Yosida… He conceived the soundtracks for Enki Bilal’s films and composed music for the ballets of Angelin Preljocaj. He is currently working and pursuing various personal artistic projects from Denver and Paris.

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