Klaus Erich Dietl

Klaus Erich Dietl is a visual artist with a background in literature and filmmaking. Since 2012 he is also part of OK DECAY, a performance group with a fierce love for sonic frictions.

Klaus Erich Dietl studied painting and art theory at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Together with fellow artist Stephanie Müller he initiated MEDIENDIENST LEISTUNGSHÖLLE in 2009. Since then it has evolved from a vibrant underground studio to a nucleus for international art exchanges.

Dietl's main cause of friction is the memory of the unsaid. In his paintings, sound installations and film projects he digs into the lacks of understanding. What makes us take off the blinkers and question our insecurities and reservations?

In summer 2017 he finished his first full length feature film “Our Mouth – The Ultimate Prison”. It was premiered at the Lenbachhaus in Munich. Further highlights include film screenings at the Haus der Kunst (Munich), at the Internationale Kurzfilmtage (Oberhausen) and at SXSW Festival (Austin, Texas, USA). Recently he performed at the documenta Halle in Kassel within the international conference “Archiving The Unarchivable” .

Dialogue lies at heart of Klaus Erich Dietl's art and research projects. In May 2015 Dietl and his fellow artist Stephanie Müller were invited to Sapporo (Japan) for an art exchange with the local performance and media artist community followed by a series of ongoing sound art and film collaborations. Further international encounters include mixed media projects at the Dzyga Art Centre (Lviv, Ukraine), Schneidertempel (Istanbul, Turkey), deFENIKS Art Centre (Antwerp, Belgium) and the REP theatre (Birmingham, UK). Currently he is working on “Friends Of Frozen Conflicts”, a film project he started in Zemo Nikozi and Tbilisi (Georgia) in September 2018.



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